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Fit camp

Fit Camp is a youth fitness event focused on leading kids through a boot camp style workout mixed with fitness and nutrition trivia. This event keeps kids engaged while encouraging them to incorporate what they do during the event in their daily lives.

healthy halloween

Operation Fit Nation’s “Healthy Halloween” is an exciting, fun, and interactive event designed to promote healthy behaviors for children while having Halloween fun, along with encouraging a safe celebration of the day. Held since 2011, this event has seen thousands of children and their parents enjoy what Healthy Halloween offers.

Fit carnival

Fit Carnival which is a fitness event where kids can visit several vendor stations to get rewarded for exercising. Each vendor will be set up to lead each child in a fun physical activity game. After each kid finishes with each station, they will receive tickets that can be redeemed for healthy snacks, fitness gear, fitness equipment, and swag bags. Every kid participating will also be put in a raffle, where they will have a chance to win some sponsored prizes.

right track

The Right Track Program focuses on leading kids through fun, interactive, and easy to understand fitness and nutrition education. The hope is that through consistent structured exercise, wellness trivia, fun fitness games, and encouragement, kids can get and stay on the RIGHT TRACK  with their health.


The OFN Text Wellness App will provide all subscribers weekly wellness tips, wellness articles, and other wellness info texted directly to them. We will also use the App for recruitment for our programs and as a way to solicit donations for Operation Fit Nation.

Text #OFN to 662-399-4303 to get started!

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