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What is a Wellness Leader?


A Wellness Leader is a person who is passionate about improving community health. This passion leads them to practice healthy living and to also promote it when and where they can. A Wellness Leader is an encourager and an inspiration to those around them. These two traits help people gravitate toward them without much effort due to their addictive positive energy. Last but not least, a Wellness Leader is all about connectivity . Connectivity is the driver of community health success. Without it, the Wellness Leader has no purpose. A Wellness Leader must be able to connect with the individuals/groups in their community in order to have a chance at impacting them.

Where does OFN fit in?

OFN is looking for Wellness Leaders to join the team. One of our objectives is to empower, encourage, teach, and equip individuals on how to be effective community wellness leaders. So if you are a already a community Wellness Leader or someone that would love to become one, we want to work with you. By partnering with us, we will be able help you conduct our programs and events, along with providing you with other resources and tools to be more effective in your community. The goal is to strengthen your presence in your community so that you can have even more positive impact.

Interested in becoming an Operation Fit Nation Wellness Leader? Please fill out the application below to get started.

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