As one nation under God, we have an obligation to pursue optimal health not only for ourselves but for those around us. Serving as good examples of health should be on the top of our priorities list, but if it is not, it is not too late. Operation Fit Nation believes that the first step to optimal wellness is to make a commitment. This commitment is one that goes beyond ourselves and extends into every person living in the USA and even the world! We the people, have an obligation to each other to fight for what is right and for what is good for us all. We all deserve a chance optimal health. Our health and our communities health are on the line. We the people, are called to set the example by being the example for those around us. We can put a stop to the high mortality rates due to chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease if we work together! We all deserve a chance optimal health.

I propose taking the Wellness Advocate PLEDGE.


The pledge says:

I ________________, pledge to be more mindful of my personal wellness and to actively take steps to better my health daily in hopes to serve as an inspiration for others to do the same.

If you are in support of this pledge please click the link below and fill out the information. It literally takes 20 seconds to complete. Let’s make great health the standard together!