With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for bringing health awareness to our communities. Our Community Initiatives are meant to bring awareness and ultimately action to those who need it the most and to those who can help advocate for wellness.

The purpose of the Better Mississippi Initiative (BMI) is to serve as a solution to Mississippi health crisis by strategically implementing Operation Fit Nation’s programs and events in different communities across the state. The BMI works to help unlink the casual relationship of poverty and poor health by demonstrating how good health can be achieved in low-income communities when traditional barriers are removed or taken into account.

Key Barriers:

  •   limited access to fresh, local produce

  • limited transportation options

  • limited disposable income

  • limited consumer education and resources in nutrition/cooking and fitness

  • limited access to public spaces and safe pathways that encourage walking and cycling


The Better Mississippi Initiative works on the individual, organizational, and community level to mitigate these barriers and improve health for Mississippians.


Oxford, MS, USA

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