Operation Fit Nation (OFN) comes from a passion for impact through the celebration of life. We believe that as we work on our health, it has a reflex effect on those around us. Our mission is to make great health the standard in our communities by harnessing the power of healthier behavior. We have seen with our own eyes how small changes in health behaviors have saved lives and transformed the environment around those in close proximity. Imagine if this was intentionally and strategically mimicked across the nation and every other nation on this planet. We would see more people living optimal lives, because they would be more aware of what better health means to them both personally and for those around them.


As a concept, OFN has been in the works since 2008. Health is such an important part of life – whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual.  In order to truly tackle health on a personal level, it must be addressed in all forms. Ultimately, Operation Fit Nation’s goal is to improve the world through inspiring people to become the best version of themselves by means of better health behavior. We are accomplishing this by providing resources, opportunities, and relevant knowledge to individuals, all while hopefully inspiring fun and joy along the way. Operation Fit Nation delivers wellness education in the form of community wellness events and programs. We partner with local organizations and businesses that have a place in their hearts for community wellness. 


As an organization that started in Mississippi, we understand that our backyard is ground zero for most of the nation’s health issues related to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. That’s why most of our initial efforts have been focused on the Mississippi and its surrounding states. We have conducted events in Lafayette, Panola, and Tallahatchie counties. Our plans are to extend our impact range to Marshall, Desoto, Quitman, Coahomo, and Yalobusha counties in the near future and to continue to grow our programming and service area from there.





by helping people become more aware of their personal wellness through providing opportunities to learn about the importance of exercise, eating healthier foods and how our mental health affects us.



Oxford, MS, USA

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